Route Deviation is an expanded service that will deviate from the route Handicap Accessable
not more than 3/4 mile to get those individuals who cannot get to a scheduled stop.  This service is available on Route 1, Route 2, Route 2A and Route 3. There is an additional fare associated with this service.

If you see a bus on a Route Deviation, you may flag the bus for pick up, provided there is a SAFE location for the bus to pull over to pick you up.

Route Deviation is a reservation service that has a premium fare associated with it. Please consult our Regular FARES page for further information on costs associated with this service.

Call for reservations no later than 5:00 pm the prior day (or Friday for the following Monday) before the ride is needed at: (518) 234-0952. Office is closed Saturday and Sunday.


Handicap Accessable

Wheelchair Accessible Service always available