Frequently Asked Questions:


Questions and Answers that may be helpful in the transition of the 2015 Fare Increase.



Question: Will the tokens I have in my possession still be good?

Answer: Yes, we will honor all tokens that were purchased prior to the fare increase. You will pay with one token just as before. When you purchase tokens in 2015, the cost of a gold token will be $1.20 and the cost of a silver token will be 60 cents.

Question: I usually pay the deviation with a token, can I still do that?

Answer: Yes, but please be aware that the drivers do not give change and you will be paying more for the deviation if you pay with a token.

Question: Can I still pay weekly for Routes 21 and 22?
Answer: Yes, you can still pay weekly, but the prior discount does not apply. You will pay the full daily rate.

Question: Can I still purchase tokens the same?
Answer: Yes, by calling in the day before, you can give a token order to the dispatcher and we will have the tokens available for you with your driver. The token cost will change to $1.20 for gold tokens and .60 cents for silver.


These are some common questions that may be asked by our passengers. If you have a different question, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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